With 25 years of european and worldwide experience in the fields of credit life insurance (PPI/ASU) and products for affinity groups (lifestyle protection, mobile phone insurance...), Laurent Chencinski (HEC 1983, IAF 1989) created Pasion in 2007.

Previously, he spent 7 years at the bank department of Gras Savoye (ins. broker), 10 years with AIG, running the worldwide credit life entity and 5 years with Genereli in charge of group life, employee benefits, group medical and pensions in France.

He is a specialist of product innovation and of the development of insurance sales through non traditional distribution channels in Europe.

PASION creates, negotiates and implements all kinds of PPI programs for banks, financial companies, leasing companies, credit or debit cards issuers in any european country.



These programs are fully tailor-made and adapted to the country and the categories of loans to cover (mortgages, consumer loans, auto loans, revolving loans, leasings...).

They also take into account the characteristics of the borrowers and the financial objectives of the lender or distributor.


The packages most commonly proposed combine some of the following coverages:

  • Death or accidental death
  • Hospitalization
  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent & total disability
  • Loss of employment
  • Financial losses (GAP)
  • Waiver of premium


Any special feature or request can of course be studied.

Depending upon the anticipated volumes, the country and the available administration capabilities, these insurance packages can be implemented either directly (freedom of services in Europe) or through a fronting arrangement combining a local insurer and a world class reinsurer.

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Generally speaking, Affinity insurance includes all insurance products marketed through a structure or a network, the end purpose of which is not the distribution of insurance.




In this area, Pasion proposes a vast set of concepts and solutions ranging from the "classics" to really innovative products.


  • Extended warranty ;
  • Purchase protection (accidental damage, theft) for mobile phones, tablets, lap-tops, cameras, etc.) ;
  • Loyalty programs for credit or debit cards ;
  • Lifestyle products:
    • Accident/sickness/unemployment coverages for utility bills,
    • School fees protection,
    • Rent insurance,
    • Income protection.


Upon request, PASION also develops totally new products dedicated to a specific target or market segment in order to increase customer loyalty or generate additional income.